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Consultation and Assessment

Starting with an in-person or telephone interview with you, the client, we will begin the process of constructing a comprehensive understanding of your concerns. We will review all pertinent materials including medical and treatment records and previous educational or psychological testing. We will also speak with other involved professionals and possibly family members, as appropriate, to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs.

Recommendations and Planning

Once we have an understanding of your unique circumstances and story, we are ready to provide a set of treatment recommendations that may consist of a single placement or series of placements that will meet your needs. You will be more invested and feel more empowered in your treatment by having a voice in the process of determining the best fit for your needs, while also taking into account goals that you have set for your treatment experience.


Once you enroll in a program, we stay involved as part of your treatment team to guide you, and when applicable, your family through the treatment process. We will be in regular communication with the clinical team and with you, and at times may visit or schedule check in calls with you to continually assess therapeutic progress. As you encounter questions or concerns, we will be there to help you navigate those, ensuring that you get the best treatment and service possible.


Even after a successful treatment experience, the work is not done. Planning for support after treatment is essential and by starting these conversations during treatment you will be better prepared for a smooth, successful transition once that time comes. We’ll help you plan and execute the best transition plan possible so that changes made in treatment are sustainable and transferrable.